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With increased workloads, burnout, and operational factors outside your control, errors can feel unavoidable. 

Our global experts and industry-leading guests are here to help you better understand your cognitive process and give you practical strategies to enhance your decision-making when diagnosing. 

Learn to control what you can and practise with confidence with our new series of webinars, podcasts, virtual workshops, and online courses – included in your membership at no extra cost.

Choose from a wide range of transformative training

From webinars you can join live or watch on demand, to thought-provoking podcasts, our career-enhancing training covers a range of important topics, including*:

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What's the diagnosis: the chat bot will see you now

Join thought leaders, Professor Silvia Mamede and Professor Rakesh Patel, as they investigate the ability and limitations of AI to assist in safer, speedier, and more accurate clinical diagnosis.


The future of diagnosis

Join renowned research author and editor of the journal Diagnosis, Dr Mark Graber, as he discusses clinical diagnosis with our medical and dental experts.


When the worst happens, criminalisation of medical error

Join our experts as they compare the outcomes of medical errors around the globe.


Learning from cases: a human factors approach

Join our experts as they discuss real cases with human factors specialist, Professor Peter Brennan.

Virtual workshop

Navigating adverse outcomes

Investigate the patient and clinician experience of adverse outcomes and discuss the ASSIST© model for communicating with patients.

Virtual workshop

Reducing medicolegal risk

Increase your knowledge of research and causes of patient action against a doctor; and learn how to apply the CLEAR© model to your patient interactions.

Virtual workshop

Consent and shared decision making

Shared decision making is an important part of patient centred care. Identify a variety of ways, including the use of decision aids, to effectively communicate risk to patients.


Diagnosing our own cognitive bias

How can we learn from diagnostic errors and improve patient safety?


A Dose of Pressure

What can we do to prevent further errors and delays in our systems that are currently dealing with extreme pressures? And what factor do teams and systems have on diagnostic errors and delays?


You never know what’s coming through the door next!

Is diagnostic safety a problem for primary or secondary care settings?


Designing mistakes out of the system

As humans we are fallible and make mistakes on a regular basis. Understanding human factors and how we can reduce the chance of error can only improve patient safety, teamworking and lead to better morale too.

Online course

A missed diagnosis of pneumonia

Discover why clinical record keeping is vital, and in the context of a claim, thorough notes help to prevent or resolve such issues.

Online course

Migraine misdiagnosis in child leads to claim

Discover how a culture that inhibits transparency around errors and mistakes reduces our capacity to learn and improve patient care.

Online course

Missed diagnosis during colonoscopy

Discover why it is important to consider whether alternative investigations or a repeat attempt are necessary after having to abandon an investigation.

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Our professional development courses have been created by clinicians who understand the ins and outs of daily practice. Using real-life scenarios and relatable viewpoints they offer practical solutions and equip you with the skills to tackle everyday situations with confidence.

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