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Being a healthcare professional now presents more challenges than ever before. Increasing workloads have led to a rise in burnout and a drop in team collaboration and morale, plus, restricted resources and greater uncertainty mean that practising clinicians must adapt to the demands of a very different healthcare landscape.

To help you succeed in this changing world and take your knowledge to the next level, we’ve created an indispensable range of professional development courses – available to you at no extra cost.

Designed by practising clinicians, this toolkit of training essentials includes everything you need to thrive – from practical strategies, to the latest insights.

For expert training on the topics that matter to you, look no further.

Choose from a wide range of transformative training

From live webinars and virtual workshops, to thought-provoking podcasts, our career-enhancing training covers a range of important topics, including*:

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Hope can reduce burnout (and what you can do to become more hopeful)

Gain a greater understanding of the nature and theories of hope, and how we can build and sustain hopefulness in ourselves and our team.


Could simple civility save lives and reduce medicolegal risk?

Civility in the workplace can have a powerful impact on staff engagement, team collaboration, error reduction, and medicolegal risk. It can also improve patient safety and organisational performance. Discover how and why.


Safe places – is your organisation as safe as you think?

Develop a greater understanding of the definition and principles of cultural safety, how to identify cultural bias, and how to promote equitable patient care and a safer workplace.


Difficult interactions with colleagues

Discover a model that can be used as a step-by-step approach to respond constructively and respectfully to colleagues in difficult interactions.

Virtual workshop

Beating burnout

Burnout is now a global problem in healthcare. This virtual workshop provides clinicians with the knowledge, insights, and practical strategies to help build resilience.


Explaining why

Something as simple as a single word can make all the difference when you really need someone to do something.


Striving and thriving in healthcare

Sustaining the enthusiasm that first inspired you to enter the profession can be challenging. Explore how some overcome adversity to succeed in healthcare.


Power of positive psychology

Burnout amongst healthcare workers is well known, but let’s shift the conversation to what we can do about it. Discover new thinking, approaches and research into positive psychology to support your wellbeing.


Saying sorry is not always easy

Recognising the patient or family’s feelings, expressing regret, and addressing concerns can all ensure people feel acknowledged and help to reduce the possibility a complaint will be made.

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Many of our courses are accredited, so discover a wide range of topics and ways to learn – all included in your membership –
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Global expertise

Our professional development courses have been created by clinicians who understand the ins and outs of daily practice. Using real-life scenarios and relatable viewpoints they offer practical solutions and equip you with the skills to tackle everyday situations with confidence.

Tailored to you

Log in to your online learning account and find out how our extensive range of courses can transform your training.

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Many of our courses are accredited, which means they can support evidence of your professional development.

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All webinars, workshops, and podcasts are included in your membership.


Access professional development courses on our online learning hub whenever, wherever.

Flexible ways to learn

Choose from live, on-demand, and virtual options.

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