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Delays on applications to the National Performers List

14 October 2016

We are aware that some members who have recently qualified as GPs are experiencing delays in their application to have their status amended on the National Performers List. This is leading to some confusion as to whether they can continue to work while waiting for their status to be changed.

We would like to reassure members that as long as you are on the National Performers List, regardless of status, you can still provide primary care services. This means you can still practise while waiting for your application to amend your status to be processed.

However, those who are not on the National Performers List, and are applying to be included on it, must wait until their application has been processed before they can legally practise.

Members who have any questions about their eligibility to practise should contact our expert medicolegal advice team on 0113 241 0200 or
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