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How Medical Protection membership can help protect your career as an IMG

Post date: 02/03/2023 | Time to read article: 3 mins

The information within this article was correct at the time of publishing. Last updated 02/03/2023

For the International Medical Graduate (IMG) new to the UK, here are just some of the reasons why a Medical Protection membership trusted by nearly 100,000 doctors. By Rob Hendry, Medical Director of Medical Protection. 


Even with NHS indemnity, most doctors choose to boost their protection by joining a medical defence organisation (MDO), such as Medical Protection. Here are just some of the reasons why we’re trusted by more than 95,000 doctors working in the UK.


We’re with members every step of the way

We understand that you work around the clock, so as a member you have access to advice and assistance if you find yourself facing a medicolegal problem, which includes 24/7 access for urgent queries and medicolegal emergencies. Depending on the situation we can ensure you have the support you need, including:

  • Providing expert guidance and reassurance
  • Helping you deal with the issue appropriately
  • Defending your interests and reputation
  • Covering any legal costs
  • Meeting any additional support needs you have, such as handling negative media attention or counselling.

We offer expert assistance and representation

We know how stressful it can be if a claim is made against you, but there’s real peace of mind that comes with knowing we’re in your corner.

We can help you respond to inquiries, investigations, complaints, claims, criminal and disciplinary proceedings. This could include drafting a response, compiling evidence, and arranging legal representation, as well as explaining and supporting you throughout the whole process.

Our dedicated team of experts include doctors and lawyers who understand how the medicolegal system works and the challenges that doctors can face. From the moment we take your case until the time it is resolved, we’ll use our knowledge and experience to arrive at the best outcome for you.

To learn more about the type of support our team of experts can provide, you can watch a series of videos based on members’ stories.


You can access medicolegal advice when you need it

For everyday medicolegal queries, concerns, and dilemmas you can speak to our experienced advisers and doctors. They can offer you one-to-one advice on a breadth of issues ranging from consent to confidentiality, record keeping to prescribing.

Expert advisers can also help you manage an early response to patient complaints, which often stops a situation from escalating into something more serious.

All this support is available through our advice helpline, which is a free and confidential service for all members. It doesn’t need to be a crisis to call us, and the number of times you call won’t affect the price of your subscription.


We support your lifelong learning and training

It’s important to us that you can practise in the UK with confidence and avoid medicolegal problems where possible.

We produce a wide range of resources to help doctors working at every level and speciality to continue their professional development. These resources include factsheets, case reports and Casebook – which is our medical journal.

We’re also a leading provider of communication and risk management support amongst UK medical defence organisations. You can benefit from a wide range of courses, online learning modules and webinars to help you practise safely and avoid medicolegal problems. All are included in your membership at no extra cost.

These courses can make a real difference. From experience, we know that:

  • Complaints often arise due to communication problems
  • Common medical mistakes can be avoided
  • Good record keeping helps us build a strong defence

We actively encourage members to learn about these and other ways to protect themselves. Taking part in these courses also provides valuable CPD evidence for appraisals and revalidation.


We give doctors like you a voice

Being a Medical Protection member means that your voice is heard. We’re a member-owned organisation that exists to champion doctors and healthcare professionals, and we campaign for a fairer clinical negligence system. Part of this is calling on the Government to do more to help struggling doctors and healthcare professionals.


Medical Protection membership is a small price for peace of mind

The cost of Medical Protection membership varies depending on your role but is available from just £79 per year.

We can tailor your subscription around your individual circumstances, and that there’s no limit to the advice, assistance and professional development support you can receive as a member. That also means there are no financial caps and no excess to pay if a case incurs legal costs.

You can pay your subscription fee by monthly direct debit for no extra cost and your subscription is tax deductible, which means you claim a partial refund.

Also, remember that you’ll need to apply at least four weeks before the date you start work.

You can explore all the benefits of Medical Protection membership here.

To discuss your indemnity and protection requirements and get a personal membership quote once you are ready start work in the UK, contact our IMG Relationship Manager.


About the author

Rob Hendry is Medical Director at Medical Protection, working with members around the world. He has a particular interest in supporting doctors who move between different countries and has championed Medical Protection’s Diversity and Inclusion strategy.



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