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91% of doctors want more guidance on patient’s recording consultations, MPS survey reveals

Post date: 01/12/2014 | Time to read article: 1 mins

The information within this article was correct at the time of publishing. Last updated 14/11/2018

An MPS survey of over 500 members has revealed that one in five (19%) doctors have experience of patients recording their consultations. Of those, 40% were not made aware at the time that the patient was recording the consultation.

The survey also revealed that 97% of respondents are not aware of any practice or trust policy on having consultations recorded, however almost three quarters (73%) believe they have a right to decline a patient’s request to record a consultation. In addition, 91% would like more guidance on what to do should a patient ask to record a consultation. 

Dr Pallavi Bradshaw, Medicolegal adviser at MPS said: “Almost all (97%) respondents questioned were unaware of a policy on recording consultations and 91% would like more guidance on what to do should a patient ask to record a consultation. Our survey highlights uncertainty in terms of rights and responsibilities that doctors have with regards to patients recording consultations. It’s imperative that trusts and practices have clear guidelines doctors can refer to.

“Whilst it would be preferable for recordings to take place with the knowledge and consent of both parties, MPS reminds doctors that a patient does not require their permission to record a consultation. The content of the recording is confidential to the patient and they can share it in any way they wish, however the doctor should advise them how to protect their personal information. Doctors should always behave in a responsible and professional manner in consultations and consequently, any recording will provide concrete evidence of that.”

For further information

To arrange an interview with Dr Pallavi Bradshaw please contact Rajiv Pattni, Press Office Assistant at +44 207 399 1409 or email [email protected]

Notes to editors

  1. MPS conducted a survey of our members in October 2014 to determine how prevalent covert recording in consultations is, which received 520 respondents across the following specialties: General practice – 37% Hospital medicine – 54% Community medicine – 4% Other – 5%
  2. For more advice on dealing with consultations being recorded, click here.
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