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Medical Protection operates a service for the media who are looking for information or commentary on key issues affecting doctors and other healthcare professionals.

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Medical Protection produces a range of podcasts on key medicolegal topics. 

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  • Requests from the police
    Being approached by the police can pose a dilemma: as a clinician, you have your own professional obligations. Dr Marika Davies, senior medicolegal adviser at Medical Protection, provides some clarity
    Dr Marika Davies
    | 09 January 2018
  • Robust regulation – not penny pinching
    Proposed merger of nine regulators should focus on fairness and accountability, not cost-cutting, says Medical Protection senior medicolegal adviser Dr Pallavi Bradshaw
    Dr Pallavi Bradshaw
    | 24 November 2017
  • Blue Monday: Who’s looking after doctors?
    Dr Pallavi Bradshaw, Senior Medicolegal Adviser
    | 23 January 2017

Handling the Media

We have developed a comprehensive guide for doctors who receive attention from the media.

A Guide for Doctors on Handling the Media has been designed to reflect members’ needs and the current press environment.

The guide provides advice on the most effective way to respond to a journalist, from initial contact to providing a statement.

Significant additions to the guide are chapters on reporters at legal proceedingsundercover journalism, and social media and discussion sites to reflect the current investigative and online press environment, where doctors can get caught out.

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