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  • Dates: 14 – 14 Sep, 2021

State doctors - resolving a myth and many misconceptions

This recorded webinar explains why it makes sense to have additional individual protection above and beyond your state indemnity.

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Whilst the pressures on South African healthcare practitioners (HCP’s) are varied and challenging, it is contending with the medicolegal aspects of clinical practice on a near daily basis that seem to provoke the most anxiety.

Unlike many other clinical or practice related challenges, medicolegal issues may have a significant impact on a practitioner’s wellbeing as well as their career, and in isolated cases may even be career ending.

Medical Protection have been fielding an increasing number of queries from state-employed doctors about indemnity. Doctors are asking that, given the state covers them for claims, is there any reason to subscribe to a medical defence organisation?
State doctors are covered for claims by their employer, however that is where their cover begins and ends.

There are several circumstances in which a state doctor could be left entirely without support, despite being covered by their employer including:

  • A complaint from a hospital manager to the HPCSA
  • A dissatisfied patient or a disgruntled colleague lodging a formal complaint at the HPCSA
  • Criminal charges arising from clinical practice
  • An inquest when there may be a conflict between the individual healthcare practitioner and the state

As the state provides for indemnity only in relation to claims in alleged negligence, it is advisable that all state employed HCPs seek additional indemnity or insurance to protect themselves and their careers in the event that they become embroiled in any of the numerous medicolegal challenges common in clinical practice.

Learning objectives

By the end of the webinar you’ll gain a greater understanding of:

  • State indemnity in South Africa, including the RSA Treasury regulations
  • The limits of state indemnity
  • Medicolegal matters, their financial costs and the impact of these medicolegal issues on the practitioner
  • Practical examples of medicolegal dilemmas for state employees and how Medical Protection has provided support


State doctors - resolving a myth and many misconceptions

• Date recorded: Tuesday 14 September 2021
• CPD: 1 ethics point