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Sexual assault allegation: the story of Ethan

11 January 2022

Today’s doctors are, unfortunately, never far from litigation. But there are some simple steps you can take to avoid such incidents happening to you. In this video we follow the story of Ethan, a member of Medical Protection who receives a sexual assault allegation and spends time in jail. Throughout this harrowing episode, Ethan learns the value of his Medical Protection support and also some straightforward ways to future proof his practice.


The support we provide goes beyond protecting you against complaints and claims. Medical Protection also offers counselling to any members experiencing work-related stress, or stress that they feel could impact their practice. Understand what assistance you have at your disposal by visiting our Member Benefits page here

For further reading, in this article Dr Volker Hitzeroth looks at the breadth of the medicolegal risk that practitioners face in their profession, while here a case manager at Medical Protection discusses what to expect if a complaint goes to the regulator and how you should try to resolve the issue.