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Video recordings from the 2020 conference
Lessons From COVID-19: Making Sense of the Pandemic

This year we sponsored Risky Business’s first virtual conference – “Lessons From COVID-19: Making Sense of the Pandemic”. 

The conference featured Medical Protection’s Medicolegal Lead in Risk Prevention, Dr Pallavi Bradshaw, who presented on the topic “The Medicine: Has COVID changed the doctor-patient relationship forever?”

Other world-leading experts at the conference included Professor Don Berwick, President Emeritus at the IHI and former advisor to Barack Obama shared their experiences and key insights in lessons learnt from COVID-19.

This conference took place on 2nd June 2020 and was broadcast live via Zoom from Great Ormond Street Hospital Drive Centre. 

You can find all available talks below with more to be added shortly.

The Science: Public Health - What Should We Be Doing? [Video recording]

17 June 2020

Speaker Allyson Pollock, Academic and Public Health Doctor shares her views on testing, data collection and tracking of the Covid-19 virus and her opinion of the impact on central control vs a more local response. She highlights the importance of learning from the pandemic to better manage the next steps as we emerge from it. 

Risky Business programme description: An opportunity to hear from a member of the independent advisory group and what she considers to have gone well and not so well from a public health perspective during the recent Covid-19 pandemic.