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You’re an expert in clinical care, but there are many different skills required to be a modern GP. For instance, with shorter appointment times and increasing patient expectations, it’s more important than ever that your communication skills are as good as they can be.

To help, we offer a wide range of free professional development resources available to guide you through any challenging issues you might face in general practice. Each of these are built around the experience of our expert medicolegal advisers and GPs, and designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to meet the challenges of general practice. 

Free CPD and professional development

Over 70% of complaints and claims occur due to poor communication. So, to pass on key knowledge needed to help you avoid medicolegal pitfalls, we have developed our own free CPD approved educational programme, created by doctors who are specially-trained in coaching the non-clinical skills required by today’s GPs.

98% of attendees saying they would recommend the workshops to their colleagues

Hundreds of GPs regularly enhance their skills and earn CPD credits by attending - It’s a highly-valued benefit of Medical Protection membership, with. It’s also a great opportunity to network with a variety of fellow primary care professionals.

Topics include:

  • Managing difficult interaction with colleagues and patients
  • Safe prescribing
  • Medical records
  • Mastering adverse outcomes

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Find it difficult to get time to leave your practice?

You can learn at a time and place that suits you with over 40 hours of FREE CPD on our online learning platform, PRISM. Hone your interpersonal skills, test your clinical risk management methods and learn how to manage and prevent complaints.

See what Prism has to offer

We also have a wide range of resources and reading material that could be used for self-accredited reflective learning – you can learn more about these on the next page, or can see how these match to the revalidation framework in our Revalidation guide.

Revalidation guide

Revalidation can sometimes take up more time, money and energy than you expect. To help prevent this, you can access our GP revalidation guide. This makes the whole process easier to follow and helps you collate the evidence you need - providing you with practical advice and resources to support you with revalidation and GMC requirements.

Access the guide here