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New Doctor - Vol. 7 no. 1, 2014

The possibility of humans living on Mars in our lifetime seems a fantastical proposition – however, Dr Lemon’s fascinating piece challenges that belief. Where people go, doctors will follow. Dr Lemon’s great article on the health issues surrounding space migration draws some amazing similarities between medical training and the desirable qualities an astronaut requires. I found this an amazing read and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

We’ve also crammed this edition of New Doctor with other interesting pieces, from real-life experiences at home and abroad. We’ve taken time to consider some of the more difficult aspects of the job, sharing advice on nightshifts in particular. Sara Dawson considers some helpful suggestions for making these shifts more bearable.

Doctors aren’t infallible and mistakes can happen. Have a look at Charlotte Hudson’s review of some of the common problems junior doctors encounter. Knowing the areas where errors can happen will help you avoid problems by being even more careful. As always, if you’re in doubt seek advice from your seniors and rest assured that as an MPS member you can access 24-hour medicolegal advice should you find yourself in difficulty.

Dr Gordon McDavid
Editor-in-chief and MPS Medicolegal Adviser

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