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  • Clinical Negligence Costs: Striking A Balance campaign animation
    Watch our introductory video for the Striking a Balance campaign which MPS are leading to counter the rising costs of clinical indemnity claims.
    22 June 2017
  • Mental health and doctors
    Dr Gordon McDavid, medicolegal adviser at Medical Protection, discusses how mental health issues can affect doctors, and what sources of help are available to them.
    01 December 2016
  • Mental health and addiction
    Doctors help their patients with mental health problems, but they often suffer alone. In this short video we meet a GP who battled with mental health problems for more than 20 years.
    27 October 2015
  • A Lifetime of Protection
    Find out how we are by your side at every step, offering support, advice and world-class defence.
    27 October 2015
  • Patient safety and GPs
    In this short video, Head of Patient Safety (Primary Care) NHS England, Dr Martyn Diaper, stresses the importance of reporting and learning from incidents
    22 October 2015
  • Consultant’s Conference Ireland 2015
    Watch the footage from the conference featuring interviews with speakers and delegates.
    02 September 2015
  • Student to Doctor - Support every step of the way
    Meet Rachel, Richard, Huw and Vicky – real doctors telling real stories.
    30 July 2015
  • GP Conference June 2015
    With the ever-mounting pressures on GPs and their teams, the MPS eighth annual GP conference helped identified the key areas of risk in general practice, offering practical advice on how to manage risks and to make practice safer.
    29 June 2015
  • Risky Business - Teams and Leaders
    Hiring the 'right person' delivers success, but what does success look like? The key attributes are often difficult to quantify.
    23 April 2015
  • Risky Business - Systems and Culture
    Erik Hollnagel, Professor at the Institute of Regional Health Research, argues the importance of learning from situations where a level of safety already exists.
    13 April 2015
  • Risky Business - Human Performance
    A look back the Risky Business Conference hosted by Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital in partnership with MPS and BMJ.
    13 April 2015
  • Clinical Risk Self Assessments for General Practitioners
    CRSAs offer an opportunity for all members of the team – GPs, managers, nurses, receptionists and therapists – to work together, talk openly and develop practical solutions that promote safer practice.
    22 January 2015
  • Preparing for a nightshift
    Video guide for junior doctors
    11 September 2014
  • How to handover safely
    Video guide for junior doctors
    11 September 2014
  • Raising concerns
    Dr Pallavi Bradshaw, MPS medicolegal adviser, discusses who junior doctors should speak to if they have any concerns about the care patients are receiving.
    11 September 2014
  • Why do junior doctors need protection?
    MPS video guide for junior doctors
    11 September 2014
  • MPS Practice Management Seminars
    MPS Practice Management Seminars are run at venues around the country and are expertly facilitated, using a blend of presentations, small group discussions and activities.
    11 September 2014
  • Are your team safe?
    Julie Price, Clinical Risk Programme Manager at MPS, speaking at the GP Conference in July 2014
    11 September 2014
  • The story of Beth Bowen
    Clare Bowen reports on failings which led to the death of her five-year old daughter Beth during surgery
    03 September 2014
  • MPS GP Conference 2015 – Making Practice Safe
    With the ever-mounting pressures put upon GPs and their teams, this conference is ideal for GPs and practice staff want to focus on making practice safer.
    11 July 2014