Professional support and expert advice

As a non-consultant hospital doctor working within a public hospital, you will be protected against the financial consequences of negligence claims by the Clinical Indemnity Scheme (CIS). MPS offers additional benefits to help support doctors, which they won't get from the CIS:

Medicolegal advice

Our medicolegal advice service is open to members with urgent queries 24 hours a day, all year round.

Writing reports and dealing with complaints

Our team of medicolegal experts can advise you on a response to a complaint, or help with writing reports for inquests.

Assistance with the Medical Council

We can provide specialist advice and representation for a complaint to the Irish Medical Council arising from your clinical practice, including drafting a letter in response to a complaint, and representation at a Medical Council Inquiry.

Legal representation

We can provide legal representation for professional disciplinary matters and Medical Council procedures. Where appropriate we may be able to provide individual representation at a coroner's inquest.

Press and the media

We can prepare statements and help you deal with the media, should you be involved in a case that attracts publicity.

Criminal matters

In the unlikely event that you find yourself facing criminal allegations as a result of your clinical practice, you can apply for advice and assistance from MPS.

Good Samaritan Acts worldwide

The benefits of MPS membership are available to you if you are involved in a claim arising from a Good Samaritan Act anywhere in the world outside of Ireland.



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