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Test your knowledge

Try these sample AKT questions provided by Dr Mahibur Rahman from Emedica

  1. Which of the following is part of the core treatment recommended for treating osteoarthritis in the current NICE guidelines?

    A. Steroid injection 
    B. Topical NSAIDs 
    C. Oral NSAIDs
    D. COX-2 inhibitors
    E. Exercise

  2. Patients with which of the following risk factors should be offered testing for chronic kidney disease (CKD)?

    A. Obesity 
    B. Afro-Caribbean patients aged over 55
    C. Family history of chronic kidney disease (CKD)
    D. Ischaemic heart disease
    E. Age over 65

  3. A patient requests access to information from their medical record under the Data Protection Act. They have included the required fee with their written request. What is the maximum time allowed for you to allow access?

    A. 40 calendar days 
    B. 40 working days 
    C. 28 calendar days
    D. 28 working days
    E. 20 working days

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Dr Mahibur Rahman is the medical director of Emedica, and works as a portfolio GP in the West Midlands. He is the course director for the Emedica AKT and CSA Preparation courses, and has helped several thousand GP trainees achieve success in their GP training examinations each since 2005.

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