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Surviving on calls

Top ten tips to survive those dreaded on calls


Don’t rush
– Work steadily and prioritise appropriately. You’ll get faster.


List the tasks that you were given
– Mark them off when they have been completed. Including times is helpful.


Stand your ground
– Get a CT or an x-ray if it’s needed.


Show gratitude
– It’s better to have the colleagues onside than against you.


Keep calm and carry on
– This will help you tackle any challenge that comes your way, even when the bleep goes off incessantly.


– If you’re happy to be there so will your team.


Ask questions
– Don’t be afraid to ask, ask, ASK!


Take breaks
– remove yourself for short bursts and you’ll become more efficient and perhaps less grumpy?!


– Make sure you’ve got hidden supplies for those moments when it dawns on you that everything is closed.


Create an on-call bag
– With your Oxford Handbook, a jumper and snacks for your walks around the ward.
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