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To help your practice team care for patients with confidence and peace of mind, Medical Protection provides members with access to expert defence, advice and support throughout their careers.


GP members who are part of Practice Xtra retain individual membership and have access to all the usual benefits of Medical Protection membership. By being part of a group, they also help their practice save money and reduce risk.

When GPs are part of a Practice Xtra Gold group, they are entitled to a reduced annual subscription rate, which can add up to a saving of thousands of pounds across the practice.

You can apply to add GPs to your group at any time and this may increase the level of benefits you are entitled to.


Nurses can access robust support including professional indemnity and expert claims handling when their practice is part of Practice Xtra. This meets the legal requirement for them to hold an appropriate indemnity arrangement in order to be registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

Access to indemnity for practice nurses and nurse practitioners is usually free through Practice Xtra. However limits can apply if there are a large number of nurses working in the practice and/or they undertake an advanced level of duties.

For more information about nurse membership of Practice Xtra, see our Nurse indemnity FAQs.


We include free membership for practice managers in a Practice Xtra group, which provides access to indemnity and makes it easier to manage the arrangement.

This benefit doesn’t apply to practice managers who are also partners and who need to pay the correct subscription rate for this level of membership. For more information about current subscription rates contact Member Services on 0800 952 0441.


You don’t need to include other clinical staff (e.g. healthcare assistants, dispensers and phlebotomists) in your Practice Xtra group as these members of staff automatically benefit from the indemnity arrangements of their employers (usually the GP partners). See our page on extended liability for more information.