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We provide free accredited training to help the whole practice team develop a sound understanding of medicolegal principles that are important to their work, such as confidentiality and chaperoning. The sessions are interactive and include group discussion of real life incidents and examples to bring the themes to life.

They are a great way for everyone to learn how they can protect themselves and provide appropriate care for patients.

The sessions can be run at your practice by your personal Practice Xtra representative and can take place during lunch or in your protected time.

Confidentiality This session highlights the problems caused by not taking confidentiality seriously and establishes its importance for the individual and the practice. It will help staff recognise their responsibilities, understand important policy and legislation and explore ways of preventing possible breaches in confidentiality. 
Consent  This quiz-based session gives participants the chance to fully engage with the concept of consent as it affects general practice. It explores the notion of valid consent, practice procedures and legal and statutory requirements. Consent from children and parental responsibility is also addressed. 
Chaperoning This session provides information about the role of a chaperone, including who can be a chaperone and their role in supporting patients. The presenter also provides practical tips for chaperoning training, and developing and following the practice policy on chaperones. 
Patient care This session considers the importance of patient feedback and how enquiries and complaints can be handled sensitively and confidently. It can help staff understand the need for effective communication and gain the skills to address differing expectations. 

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If you are a training practice with a Gold level membership we can help you help your trainees succeed. We will send you three sets of book packs worth £250 to keep in your practice library. Texts include Handbook of General Practice, Emergencies in Primary Care and many of the MRCGP preparation guides.

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This workshop is run by a risk expert as part of an onsite Clinical Risk Self Assessment, and is an opportunity to work as a team to identify common areas of risk and how they affect your practice. It includes group activities and guidance on conducting a risk assessment.

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