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It’s not always easy to know where to start with risk management. But being risk aware and taking action means everyone can be better protected from possible mistakes and regulatory criticisms. 

We work with your practice to help you easily identify, evaluate and address possible risks. Every practice is different so the report you receive will be completely personal, and include detailed guidance to help you tackle any issues that emerge.


Most practices prefer a face-to-face consultation facilitated by an expert risk manager - known as a Clinical Risk Self Assessment. The facilitator interviews key members of the team and surveys others in advance, to build a picture of your practice and what may need reviewing or changing.

They also run a workshop with the whole practice team to explore common areas of risk and capture how they apply in your practice.

After the visit you’ll receive a detailed professional report and action plan (which you can maintain through our secure online website) to help you pinpoint what has been learned and evidence the changes you make as a result.

The service, which is worth £1,750 + VAT, is completely free for Gold level practices and half price for Silver level practices.

Gold practices can choose an Infection Control Risk Assessment instead of a Clinical Risk Self Assessment if preferred, or book a free primary care workshop.

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If you need the flexibility to conduct your own audits and generate action plans Practice Xtra gives you access to a set of online tools designed by our clinical risk experts.

You’ll receive a detailed analysis of your practice scores, which benchmarks you against other practices, so you can understand where your practice is performing well and target areas for improvement.

The assessments are quick and easy to complete and will help you comply with national standards relating to infection control and patient safety.

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