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When your practice group arrangement has been set up or is due for renewal we’ll send membership certificates to each individual Medical Protection member, and a notification to the Practice Xtra administrator. Please check these carefully and contact us if any details are missing or inaccurate as errors could affect subscriptions and access the benefits of membership.

It’s important that we know about any changes that occur as soon as possible so we can continue to ensure appropriate indemnity arrangements are in place, e.g. when starting or returning from maternity leave, moving into a partner role or changing the number of sessions worked.

You can find more information here to help you manage your membership.


We have two levels of membership for practices which provide different benefits. You membership level depends on the number of GPs in the practice and the proportion who are Medical Protection members.

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GPs retain all the individual benefits of Medical Protection membership as well as the discounts and opportunities made available through Practice Xtra.

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It’s easy to make changes to your group including adding GPs, nurses and practice managers and removing someone if they leave the practice.