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Practical advice and resources to support you with revalidation and GMC requirements.

What is revalidation?

Revalidation is the process by which all doctors who wish to retain their licences must demonstrate to the GMC that they are up to date, fit to practise and complying with relevant professional standards.

If you hold a licence to practise, you are now legally required to revalidate, usually every five years, by having a regular appraisal based on the GMC core guidance for doctors, Good Medical Practice.

All NHS performers’ lists have appointed responsible officers. They are asked to consider whether doctors have participated adequately at annual appraisal and ensure there are no concerns about doctors. They will make a recommendation to the GMC regarding each doctor. Following a successful recommendation to the GMC, doctors will have their licences to practise renewed.

In most circumstances, licensed doctors will revalidate at five-year intervals after their first revalidation. The GMC has set out its generic requirements for medical practice, revalidation and appraisal in three main documents:

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