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4.1 Respect

Domain ​4: Maintaining trust
Attribute ​4.1: Show respect for patients
This attribute is about working with patients to ensure they feel fully informed and involved in their treatment and their privacy is respected.
You can demonstrate it by:

  • implementing and complying with systems to protect patient confidentiality
  • being polite, considerate and honest and respecting patients’ dignity and privacy
  • treating each patient fairly and as an individual.
Medical Protection resources

  • Advice booklet MPS Guide to ethics includes chapters on respect, honesty and confidentiality.
  • Online learning system PRISM can help you refresh your knowledge of confidentiality in general practice.   
  • Factsheets about consent include advice on access to medical records, safeguarding children, electronic communications and disclosure.
  • You and your colleagues can take part in free on-site team training on confidentiality and chaperoning if your practice has a group scheme

Revalidation guidance

​R​evalidation guidance

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