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3.​3 Working with patients

Domain 3: Safety and quality
Attribute 3.3: Establish and maintain partnership with patients
This attribute is about working with patients and ensuring that they feel fully informed and involved in their treatment.
You can demonstrate it by:

  • encouraging  patients to take an interest in their health; and 
  • being satisfied that you have consent or other valid authority before you undertake any examination or investigation, provide treatment or involve patients in teaching or research.
Medical Protection resources

  • Free CPD-accredited workshop Mastering shared decision making can give you an insight into the importance of informed decision making and helping patients take ownership of decisions.
  • Advice booklet Essential guide to consent explains key principles and guidelines relating to consent and applies them to a number of scenarios.
  • Online learning system PRISM includes interactive modules on consent from a GP perspective and how to balance a patient choice with ‘Doctor’s orders’.
  • Case reports about consent can help you identify and learn from situations where consent was inadequate or patients expectations poorly managed.
  • You and your colleagues can take part in free on-site team training on consent issues and the consent process if your practice has a group scheme.

Revalidation guidance

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