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3.1 Communication skills

Domain 3: Communication, partnership and teamwork
Attribute ​3.1: Communicate effectively
This attribute is about involving patients in their care in an appropriate way and maintaining positive communication.
You can demonstrate it by:

  • listening to patients, respecting their views about their health and responding to questions
  • giving patients the information they need in order to make decisions about their care in a way they can understand
  • keeping patients informed about the progress of their care
  • explaining to patients when something has gone wrong
  • passing on information to colleagues involved in, or taking over, your patients’ care.
​Medical Protection resources

  • Free CPD-accredited Mastering workshops explain best practice approaches to communication skills including shared decision making, managing difficult interactions and handling adverse outcomes.
  • Online learning system PRISM includes interactive modules to support you with communicating risk, communicating after an adverse event and balancing clinical judgement with patient choice.
  • Case reports about communication breakdowns can help you learn from and avoid problems faced by other medical professionals.
  • Factsheets about communications topics include advice on using digital methods to communicate with patients, non-compliant patients and duty of candour. 

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