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New Doctor - Vol. 5 no. 2, 2012

Welcome to your latest edition of New Doctor and my first edition as Editor-in-Chief. I would like to begin (whilst attempting not to sound too much like an acceptance speech for an Oscar) by thanking Dr Angelique Mastihi for her extensive input into New Doctor since becoming Editor-in-Chief in 2008. I’m sure you’ll agree she has done an excellent job and I hope to continue the good work.

I joined MPS as a medicolegal adviser in 2011 having completed my medical degree at the University of Glasgow and having worked mostly in respiratory and general medicine. I have previous experience in the medicolegal field and to keep me out of mischief I’m currently working towards a masters degree in medical law and ethics and membership to the faculty of forensic and legal medicine.

Enough about me… this edition of New Doctor revolves around competency, a really fundamental issue for doctors at all stages of their careers. It is vital for doctors to know their limits and seek help appropriately. Imagine finding yourself in the difficult position of feeling out of your depth, but being the only one available. Have a look at Dr Pointon’s candid account of a real-life scenario, or Dr Lau’s description of being called to assist with a medical emergency midflight. You might also like to check out the interesting feature article, which can earn you CPD points or the specialty features which provide a fascinating insight into careers you may not have considered.

I hope you enjoy this edition of New Doctor.

Dr Gordon McDavid – Editor-in-chief
MPS Medicolegal Adviser

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Correction – article on consent and capacity

The “Essential learning” feature on consent and capacity in this edition provides the core information a foundation doctor is required to understand with regards to taking consent and understanding capacity. The first line of the paragraph on treating elderly patients has been printed incorrectly, it should read: “It shouldn’t be assumed that people are not able to make their own decisions, simply because of their age and frailty.”