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New Doctor - Vol. 7 no. 2, 2014

Welcome to your latest edition of New Doctor. I’d like to extend a particular welcome to those who have recently embarked on their first FY1 job. It’s a scary time, with lots to learn, but please remember there are places you can turn to for help – you are not alone!

At MPS we have long recognised the importance of gathering the views of doctors at the start of their career. We’ve collated your views about working as junior doctors and created some advice videos. Your opinions may change through your career, but try to keep in mind the way you feel now, as it will be invaluable as your career progresses.

In this edition we focus on claims – sometimes called litigation or being sued. The thought of being sued is one of the most frightening for doctors at any stage in their career. The thought of interacting with lawyers and having your involvement in a case reviewed by experts is particularly daunting. Although historically rare, and litigation is increasing dramatically.

For those not directly implicated in a medicolegal case, the process is shrouded in mystery. Ashley Dee, a solicitor and claims manager at MPS based in Edinburgh, has written an article on the claims process, which I hope will allay your anxieties. You are a member of MPS for a reason, so if you do become involved in a claim or a complaint give us a call or send us an email.

There’s almost too much to mention in this edition – check out Pallavi Bradshaw’s explanation of approved practice settings to ensure you know what you can and cannot do as an FY1/2. There’s also a heartfelt piece on the risk of alcoholism. As always we welcome any comments or feedback, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Dr Gordon McDavid
Editor-in-chief and MPS Medicolegal Adviser

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