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How to use the opportunities of being part of a GP group to recruit GPs

By: Riaz Jetha | Post date: 20/12/2017 | Time to read article: 1 mins

The information within this article was correct at the time of publishing. Last updated 14/11/2018

With significant challenges around recruiting GPs, how would you articulate the benefits of being part of a GP organisation working at scale to a prospective candidate?

Dr Riaz Jetha, a GP in a South Lewisham Group Practice, discusses how GP organisations can use the benefits of larger partnerships to attract new GPs.


In my experience, GPs are looking for much more than a fair remuneration package, a manageable workload, and a well-organised surgery. They want to be part of something which is bigger and more innovative. And that’s where I think larger organisations can sell themselves. In a larger organisation, you’re able to offer some kind of specialism or career structure and you might want to think about advertising your role as a having a training element attached to it and paying for a diploma which is a win win for the surgery as well. Newer GPs also like to be heard, they want to have a genuine voice and to be able to lead on a particular area and having a larger organisation will allow you to have those opportunities for younger GPs. We work in stressful times at the moment and in a large organisation things can be a little bit disjointed, things can be a little bit frantic and it’s important then to also be able to offer mentorship or group support to build the whole team’s resilience. Something which I’d really like to see developing over the next few years is some kind of career structure or career path in large GP organisations. I think you need to be quite big, and quite mature, to actually offer this, but at the moment GPs once they’ve entered a practice really haven’t got anywhere to go after a few years and I would really aspire that my surgery would be able to offer something more structured to allow GPs to realise their aspirations for the future. 

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Riaz Jetha Medical Protection Expert

Riaz Jetha

Riaz Jetha has been a GP for 17 years and is currently his CCG’s clinical lead for working at scale. During his time as a GP he’s developed expertise in organisational development, working with both individual and groups of GP surgeries, out-of-hours organisations and CCGs.

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