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How to use terms and conditions to recruit healthcare professionals

By: William Haines | Post date: 20/12/2017 | Time to read article: 1 mins

The information within this article was correct at the time of publishing. Last updated 14/11/2018

How would you advise GP federations and GP practices to develop terms and conditions to attract new GPs and specialist nurses?

Will Haines, Employment Law Consultant at Croner Group, explains how to use terms and conditions to recruit professionals to GP organisations.


Attracting new GPs and any healthcare professionals into your organisation these days can be a huge problem. There's a real recruitment shortage, I guess, in terms of new people coming into the industry. And you've got a lot more competition from other surgeries especially if you're in a metropolitan area where we've got quite close GPs nearby. You can look at a number of different things, be it normally pay and benefits is obviously a big drive or can be a big driving issue for new candidates. It could be location, but I guess, again you can't do a great deal about that. You could look at flexibility of working - increase the opportunity for part-time working, shift patterns, with the longer opening hours that might be easier - although management and administration of shift patterns can be a problem. But I think that organisations really do need to think hard and strategise in the right way commercially when considering these kind of things just to get the right quality of applicant within their business. And of course you can look for support externally and Croner Group Ltd is a company that can help with determining what other companies and other organisations are offering their new recruits and how they're enticing in their new recruits and that can be something that we can help you to strategise and to think about on a commercial level which you might not otherwise have time for generally.

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William Haines Medical Protection Expert

William Haines

William Haines is the regional employment consultant at Croner Group Ltd., an award-winning consultancy for HR and health & safety. He’s spent 9 years in HR providing advice, bespoke employment documentation and on-site consultancy solutions for all HR and employment problems.

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