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How to create strong teams and a healthy culture in new GP groups

By: Riaz Jetha | Post date: 20/12/2017 | Time to read article: 1 mins

The information within this article was correct at the time of publishing. Last updated 14/11/2018

How do you go about creating an inclusive culture where all individuals feel they have contributed?

Dr Riaz Jetha, a GP in a South Lewisham Group Practice, offers practical tips to help build strong teams and a healthy culture within new GP organisations.


Creating the correct culture is really important when surgeries come together. There’s the technical side of merging and that can be taken care of by accountants and solicitors and guidelines and so on but developing a culture is something special it’s something that glues the organisation together, it’s something that keeps you together when the going gets tough. How do you go about doing that? Well, I think it needs to start right at the very beginning of any kind of engagement or talks about forming a larger organisation. You need to ask all of your team, all of your staff, why are we doing this, why are we changing from one form, which is probably quite comfortable, to something which isn’t so comfortable. You know what is the reason behind that and we should be able to capture that in some kind of narrative or story which we can then repeat again and again and again. I think the other things to remember are that there needs to be a lead for culture and certainly I often see my role in these kinds of situations as flying the flag for culture and ensuring that everyone knows what it is and how important it is to keep on the agenda when surgeries are coming together. Some practical tips about how you do it? Well I think that culture happens in work and outside of work, at lunch breaks, training sessions, after work and it is important to recognise the importance of that time and allowing teams to build and form, and ironing out any difficulties or misunderstandings along the way. If you’re really interested, there’s lots of tools out there you can use, like the cultural web, which is available on the internet or you might even want to think about investing in some outside help and support to help you develop and deliver a really healthy culture.

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Riaz Jetha Medical Protection Expert

Riaz Jetha

Riaz Jetha has been a GP for 17 years and is currently his CCG’s clinical lead for working at scale. During his time as a GP he’s developed expertise in organisational development, working with both individual and groups of GP surgeries, out-of-hours organisations and CCGs.

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