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How to communicate effectively within new GP organisations

By: Riaz Jetha | Post date: 20/12/2017 | Time to read article: 1 mins

The information within this article was correct at the time of publishing. Last updated 14/11/2018

Once a GP organisation has created a commercial entity, can you offer some advice around general collaboration and communication amongst its members?

Dr Riaz Jetha, a GP in a South Lewisham Group Practice, discusses the importance of communication within new GP organisations, with practical tips.


As we start creating more complex GP organisations, be they federations or super partnerships, communication tends to crescendo at go live date and then unfortunately, it rapidly falls off and that’s a real shame. In my experience, particularly working with organisational consultants, the most successful mergers are ones that iron out the organisational issues in the first 100 days. After that, people tend to lose belief and think things will never actually change. So, it’s really important to be relentless in your focus in that first 100 days of repeating the story as to why you’re merging and hopefully everyone will have fed into that beforehand. Within those 100 days, it’s also important that you carry on implementing your organisational development plan, that you iron out any problems that are happening within your organisation, particularly between staff, and to be able to communicate quick wins which hopefully you’ve also engineered into your development plan and to share these with your patients as well as your team members. In terms of how you actually communicate, every practice is different, ever practice has its own culture, there are so many ways you can communicate be it by social media, email, newsletters, newsboards. My tip would be to keep it simple, keep it short and just ensure there is someone who is taking charge of communicating to everyone in the organisation.

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Riaz Jetha Medical Protection Expert

Riaz Jetha

Riaz Jetha has been a GP for 17 years and is currently his CCG’s clinical lead for working at scale. During his time as a GP he’s developed expertise in organisational development, working with both individual and groups of GP surgeries, out-of-hours organisations and CCGs.

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