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How delegation helps GP organisations find time for planning and strategy

By: Ross Clark | Post date: 20/12/2017 | Time to read article: 1 mins

The information within this article was correct at the time of publishing. Last updated 14/11/2018

We received consistent feedback around the constant pressures and challenges associated with allocating time to planning and strategy. Can you offer some guidance?

Ross Clark, Partner at Hempsons, discusses the importance of delegation when managing time within GP partnerships.


Time is without doubt the single biggest pressure on partners of GP practices today. Finding time to do tasks such as developing a business strategy and plan is hard because they’ve got their patient-focussed work and then management of the practice itself. The answer is in delegation. If they can delegate to a small team to develop strategy and business planning that’s ideal. Now that’s hard when you’re in a small practice because there’s less people and they’re doing the practice-related work. It’s easier when you get groups of practices coming together either within an association, or loose association to work together, or a federation or a GP provider company. In those circumstances you may even be able to engage an executive or a consultant on some time to develop strategy and planning with you. So delegation’s the key. A second, and important, aspect is to look at the wider strategic developments within the area in which the practice operates. Now, that will be seen from the Clinical Commissioning Group’s Commissioning Plan but more importantly the Sustainability and Transformation plan for the whole area. That’s a plan developed by the council, the local authority, the CCG and some other providers as well, such as the acute sector providers, to have an integrated plan for integrating health and social care across that whole community. So, it’s fundamental that practices know what that entails because that will shape their own strategic direction. But, as I say, the most important factor is delegation. 

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Ross Clark Medical Protection Expert

Ross Clark

Ross Clark is head of services for the North at Hempsons Healthcare Solicitors. He works with all aspects of GP primary care, with a current focus on the establishment of GP Federations and Provider Organisations across England.

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