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Developing commercial growth strategies within healthcare organisations

By: Graeme Cleland | Post date: 20/12/2017 | Time to read article: 1 mins

The information within this article was correct at the time of publishing. Last updated 14/11/2018

Can you explain how you developed commercial growth strategies and how you set attainable objectives?

Graeme Cleland, Managing Director of Taurus Healthcare, explains how Taurus Healthcare has used scalable models to achieve growth.


Were a growing, vibrant, small business created out of nothing. Two of us working out of a broom cupboard has now become an organisation turning over just under £3,000,000 a year in the space of 5 years. So our initial model was an early primary care at scale model which was a community-based musculoskeletal. We’d worked out actually the model of care could be easily scaled to be worked across dermatology, cardiology, neurology to name but 3 of a number of pathways of care we anticipated. You could divest the activity from secondary care into primary care. Clinical Commissioning Group, in their constitutions, don’t allow for the commissioning of primary care services in that way because they’re effectively seen as an intermediary service and they’re not allowed to do that so those services unfortunately weren’t able to be continued at that stage. As we’ve gone on, and we recognise that CCG constitutions don’t allow for the commissioning of those intermediate services, we’ve had to change our strategy and we’ve had change the way in which we’ve engaged with those things so we then focussed on primary care at scale particularly around the 7 day primary care offering. So we’re a Wave One Prime Minister’s Challenge Fund Programme and actually we’ve created from the 17 projects we’ve now got a 7 day service delivery and we’ve got a compliant data sharing model in the way that works. Our strategy has had to evolve and as we are now moving into an environment where the Sustainability and Transformation Plans, Accountable Care System and Accountable Care Organisation it is actually evolving again and so we are now moving into new settings and allowing for that new strategy to evolve. So we set objectives, we base them around creating models that are clinically compliant, but actually fundamentally underpinned the operating model of the organisation and made sure we were viable and vibrant and had the ability to grow. And working from that premise right from inception it’s allowed us to operate without having to call on further investment from the shareholding partners and actually work towards the strategic goal of creating a primary care at scale model.

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Graeme Cleland Medical Protection Expert

Graeme Cleland

Graeme Cleland is the managing director at Taurus Healthcare Ltd, a business he set up himself. Here, he helps to provide primary care services at scale, provide out of hospital care to the public and negotiate contracts with the NHS, CCG and regional commissioners.

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