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Mastering Difficult Interactions with Patients

This workshop helps you identify and utilise a range of different skills in difficult clinical interactions with patients. These skills can help you and your patients reach a more favourable outcome and still preserve the integrity of the important doctor-patient relationship.

Very constructive. Finally, a model of workplace behaviour that will help change my patient interactions in the future.

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Overcoming challenging conversations

  • Gain a greater awareness of people’s personal attitudes
  • Understand the four factors that can make interactions difficult
  • Hone your ability to choose the right response
  • Master our five steps to improve difficult patient interactions with S.O.L.V.E

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Key Highlight

  • Interns
  • Registrars
  • Non-specialist hospital doctors
  • Specialists
  • General practitioners
Key Highlight

  • Two or Three-hour workshop
  • Short lectures
  • Reflective exercise
  • Small group-facilitated discussions
  • Group activities
  • Rehearsal of skills
Key Highlight

  • 2 or 3

  • Earn 1 ethical CEU per hour

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