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Appendix 1: List of ethical rules, regulations and policy guidelines published by the HPCSA

Booklet 1: Guidelines for Good Practice in Health Care Professions

Booklet 2: Generic Ethical Rules with annexure

Booklet 3: Patients’ Rights Charter

Booklet 4: CPD Guidelines Final

Booklet 5: Perverse Incentives

Booklet 6: Generic Ethical Guidelines for Researchers

Booklet 7: Medical Biotechnology Research

Booklet 8: Biological Warfare

Booklet 9: Informed Consent

Booklet 10: Confidentiality: Protecting and Providing Information

Booklet 11: Guidelines for Good Practice with Regard to HIV

Booklet 12: Guidelines for Withholding and Withdrawing Treatment

Booklet 13: Reproductive Health

Booklet 14: Keeping of Patient Records

Booklet 15: Canvassing of Patients Abroad

Booklet 16: Health Care Waste Management

Copies of the booklets may be ordered directly from the HPCSA by calling +27 12 3389300 or downloaded from the HPCSA’s website.