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Free membership for house officers

As a house officer working in a public hospital, your employer provides indemnity against clinical negligence claims arising from your professional practice. But who’s there to protect your reputation and give you expert advice and guidance 24/7 when you need it?

Medical Protection is ready to support you when you need it most

As a member you can request advice and legal representation for Medical Council investigations, disciplinary and regulatory proceedings and criminal investigations related to your professional practice. You can also access confidential counselling, which includes support for work-related stress that may impact your practice, such as burnout, anxiety and conflict.

Medical Protection membership benefits compared to state indemnity

Medical Protection State indemnity
Free counselling & wellbeing support ×
Help responding to patient complaints ×
Medicolegal advice line, available 24/7 in an emergency ×
Support for managing unwanted media attention ×
CME courses and online learning to help prevent issues arising ×
Support in Medical Council investigations and representation at hearings
Help in disciplinary proceedings
Assistance with criminal investigations arising from your clinical practice
Representation and assistance in Coroner inquests
Protection for Good Samaritan acts worldwide

To apply for membership complete our online application form.

To successfully complete this application, please ensure you have all records to hand. This includes full details of your qualifications, previous indemnity history and where applicable, any claim or case information.