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Mastering Shared Decision Making

The risk of complaints or claims against a doctor can increase if a patient is dissatisfied with the decision making process about their treatment options. The Mastering Shared Decision Making workshop explores the challenges that you could face in the decision making process, and provides you with techniques to reduce the associated risks.

Having effective conversations with patients can result in more informed and appropriate decision making, and lead to better patient outcomes. It can also increase a patient’s sense of ownership of the decision, which leads to better acceptance of unexpected or unwanted consequences if an adverse outcome occurs.

Very useful, I think the shared decision making component is spot on and pulls together the strands of many, even all, aspects of medicolegal issues/claims.

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By attending this workshop you will:

  • Learn how to facilitate effective patient decision making
  • Understand the process of shared decision making and its importance in positive doctor-patient relationships
  • Understand common complaints and claims related to clinical decision making
  • Explore the challenges that you could face in the decision making process
  • Learn techniques to assist you providing the right information about healthcare choices to help meet the rising expectations of patients
  • Reduce your likelihood of receiving complaints and claims arising from clinical decision making consultations.

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Key Highlight

  • General practitioners
  • specialists
Key Highlight

  • Three-hour workshop
  • Short lectures
  • Reflective exercise
  • Small group-facilitated discussions
  • Group activities
  • Rehearsal of skills
Key Highlight

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  • Accredited for 2 CME points