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Mastering Difficult Interactions with Patients

Doctors who received training to improve their communication skills report a significantly lower rate of difficult interactions

Difficult interactions with patients can be a significant cause of stress, but these encounters can’t be avoided in most clinical jobs.

Many doctors find it difficult to communicate their point of view effectively in these scenarios, for fear of escalating conflict. This can result in frustration that may lead to poor patient care.

In this workshop you will look at why such situations arise, learn techniques to handle them effectively and manage your own internal response.


By attending this workshop you will:

  • enhance your skills in managing difficult situations with patients
  • understand the choices available to you when involved in a difficult interaction
  • learn how to minimise conflict and deal with challenging scenarios, such as aggressive or upset patients
  • develop skills to effectively 'diagnose' the problem
  • learn skills to cope better with stress
  • improve the clinical outcomes of these different situations.

Members - benefit of membership

SMA members: $145 (50% discount on the full price)

Non-members: $290

Key Highlight

  • General practitioners
  • Specialists
Key Highlight

  • Three-hour workshop
  • Short lectures
  • Reflective exercise
  • Small group-facilitated discussions
  • Group activities
  • Rehearsal of skills
Key Highlight

  • 2

  • Accredited for 2 CME points