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Webinar: Informed consent – a fresh and pragmatic approach (SG)

  • Dates: 18 Sep, 2019

Date: Wednesday 18 September 2019
18.30 – 19.30 SST
Suitable for:
Medical Protection members

Clinicians need to take a fresh look at informed consent following recent medical council decisions and developments in case law; Bolam, Bolitho, Roger v Whitaker and Montgomery. The impact of these legal decisions and developments are signposts reflecting our society’s and patient’s expectations.

The underlying principles for consent have not changed – it is your patient’s decision. For your patient to be able to give valid consent, they must be adequately informed of the relevant risks and options.

Trust reduces the risk of patient complaints and claims when things go wrong. Obtaining consent is about shared decision-making based on trust and respect for your patient’s autonomy.

Join Dr Ming Teoh, Head of Medical Services for Medical Protection Asia for this interactive webinar as he shares his experiences managing real medical negligence claims, and defending doctors in Medical Council investigations.

Designed for all medical practitioners, this live one-hour webinar will help you navigate common issues arising from consent. Discover how to leverage consent to build trust and develop healthy relationships with your patients.  

With an opportunity for real time questions and answers during the broadcast, this is the ideal way to have the expertise of Medical Protection brought directly to you.

Webinar objectives
  • learn from recent medical council decisions and developments in case law on consent
  • adopt the correct approach to consent taking, including how much to warn, who should consent and how best to document the process
  • learn how to leverage consent to build trust and develop healthy doctor-patient relationships
  • understand material risks, significant risks and how much information to give


Dr Ming Keng Teoh is Head of Medical Services for Medical Protection Asia. Following graduation from Medicine at Bristol University and surgical training in the UK, Dr Teoh worked in the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital for over 5 years as a vascular surgeon. He was then appointed as Associate Professor in the National University of Malaysia (UKM).

Dr Teoh was awarded ChM by Bristol University based on his research thesis on antioxidants and arterial disease in 1994. He then joined Singapore General Hospital as Senior Consultant and Director of the Vascular Surgery Unit.

In 2004 he completed his MSc in Health Management at the Imperial College Business School (London) and joined MPS as a medicolegal adviser.

Dr Teoh obtained his LLM in medical law from Cardiff University and was appointed to his current position as Head of Medical Services (Asia) in 2008.

Dr Teoh will be joined by Dr Pallavi Bradshaw, Education Services Lead for MPS.

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