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Our workshops are focused on providing advice and practical tools and tips to help you deliver improved patient care

Tackle the challenges of your daily practice with our professional development workshops.

The Mastering workshops series provides you with skills to combat the common causes of complaints and claims, developed through our 125 years' experience of supporting members.
Our specially trained facilitators are all experienced clinicians who understand the complexities of your practice. There is a range of half-day workshops to choose from, all with 3 hours CPD and free as a benefit of membership. 

Mastering professional interactions

This workshop offers professional insights and key communication skills for when patient care passes between doctors. It is designed to help you improve the safety of care that you and your colleagues collectively provide. By highlighting the danger of assumption, and the need for communication, it can also help you reduce your risk of complaints or claims.

"70% of litigation is related to poor communication."

Beckman et al 1994


Safely sharing patient care

  • Discover the importance of professional interactions
  • Understand the danger of assumption
  • Find out how to ensure patient safety through good communication
  • Improve collaboration with your colleagues to reduce stress
  • Learn how to transfer patient care safely with our five step S.H.I.F.T guide.

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  • Interns
  • GP trainees
  • Non-consultant hospital doctors
  • Consultants
  • GPs

  • Three-hour workshop
  • Short lectures
  • Reflective exercise
  • Small group-facilitated discussions
  • Rehearsal of skills

  • 3

  • Three hours CPD