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Risk management for primary care

In-house risk assessments, whole practice workshops, plus convenient online tools to help you quickly highlight areas of risk and develop effective solutions.

Your Repeat Prescribing Journey – Reduce Your Practice Risks

Repeat prescribing is a complex journey that accounts for 75% of prescriptions issued in general practice.

With more than 20 steps from the initial decision to prescribe to the patient finally taking the medication, the opportunity for error is great. Therefore, it is no wonder that errors in repeat prescribing frequently occur.

Although it is the clinician who ultimately signs the prescription and is legally responsible for it, patients, staff and pharmacists all have an important role to play in minimising the risks involved in the process.

This three-hour workshop will help you to understand the potential for error in your own repeat prescribing process. Participants will identify areas for improvement and discuss solutions to mitigate risk.

Made a subject that could have been very dull very interesting! Well organised and interactive session.

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Suitable for
Suitable for

General practice team, ie, GPs, practice managers, nurses,admin staff


Three hour workshop


Please call Education Services to discuss costs


Independently certified as conforming to accepted CPD guidelines


By attending this workshop you will:

  • gain a greater understanding of the nature and frequency of medication errors and why mistakes are made
  • appreciate the repeat prescribing systems and processes necessary to avoid patient harm
  • identify any improvements needed within your current system, by carrying out risk assessments and process mapping
  • reduce avoidable harm to your patients from medication errors, by improving your repeat prescribing process.

92% of previous attendees would be likely to change something in their practice as a result of this workshop.


This workshop is delivered in house. If you are interested in commissioning this workshop for your organisation, please contact MPS Educational Services for more information and costs.


Telephone: +44 (0)113 241 0624


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