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Risk management for primary care

In-house risk assessments, whole practice workshops, plus convenient online tools to help you quickly highlight areas of risk and develop effective solutions.

Infection Control Risk Assessment and Workshop

Appropriate infection control is an essential aspect of healthcare. It is integral to the health and safety of patients, practitioners and staff. With the right systems, processes and training, the risk of infection can be detected and managed. All staff working in the practice have a responsibility to help reduce the prevalence of healthcare associated infections.

This workshop will give you a clear understanding of the importance of infection control. It will provide you with the skills to manage and reduce infection in your practice and comply with national standards.

Excellent, relevant, concise. Covered all aspects that the practice needs for inspections. Professionally handled by the facilitator

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Suitable for
Suitable for

The whole practice team – general Practitioners, nurse Prescribers, practice nurses and administration staff


3 hour workshop


Practices with MPS members: €1500
Practices with no MPS members: €2150  


Independently certified as conforming to accepted CPD guidelines

This day will:

  • help you understand the importance of infection control in providing safe patient care
  • inform you about how infection control and decontamination legislation affects your practice 
  • provide you with recommended actions that will help you to reduce the risk of infection and comply with national standards for practices in Ireland
  • improve patient and staff safety within your practice.

What does it involve?

The day is split into two parts;

During the morning

One of our expert facilitators will:

  • Review your current approach to infection control
  • Undertake semi-structured interviews with key practice staff
  • Identify areas of risk within your practice relating to infection control.

During the afternoon

Recognising the importance that all staff are aware of infection control, we will facilitate workshop for all members of the practice team, clinical and non clinical. The workshop will last approx two hours but can be tailored to meet the needs of the practice.

  • This workshop will give staff a clear understanding of the importance of infection control
  • It will provide them with the skills to manage and reduce infection in your practice and comply with national standards.

Following the Infection control day you will be provided with a report of the findings. This will highlight areas of good practice and areas for improvement. It will provide you with recommendations that will help you to manage and reduce infection in your practice and assist you in ensuring that your systems and procedures are compliant with current guidelines and legislation.

The Infection control risk assessment and workshop is a supportive process that is tailored to the needs of your practice, giving you a very personal quality improvement experience.

This workshop is delivered in house. If you are interested in commissioning this workshop for your organisation, please contact MPS Educational Services for more information.


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