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Tailored to your speciality, these one-day interactive and practical sessions, aim to enhance skills to achieve more effective consultations and handling of adverse outcomes.

Risk Management Masterclass Orthopaedic, Spinal and Neurosurgeons

Enhance your expertise, reduce your risk

As an experienced surgeon you will know all about the risk of complaints and litigation. This masterclass can reduce your risk by developing your communication skills and teaching you a range of practical techniques to improve your patient interactions.



Suitable for:

Experienced orthopaedic, spinal and neurosurgeons

Medical Protection members: No additional charge as a benefit of membership


Accredited for 6 CPD points per masterclass

Attend this masterclass to:
  • Understand the link between communication and litigation.
  • Incorporate the skills of listening, reflection and checking on patient understanding.
  • Improve the skills required for consent and shared decision making.
  • Appreciate patient motivations to complain or claim.
  • Communicate regret and empathy with the patient’s situation and understand that this is not necessarily an admission of liability.
  • Apply models for communicating with patients about adverse outcomes.
  • Be provided with skills that will help reduce your exposure to complaints and claims.


A one-day interactive and practical masterclass tailored to the needs of experienced orthopaedic, spinal and neurosurgeons.

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