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Starting out: Ten essential tips for your intern year

Jayne Molodynski shares her top tips to help interns navigate the challenges of life on the wards.


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Why join MPS?

Tackling stress

Avoid succumbing to stress with our tips on managing difficult situations.

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Night shifts

Read our helpful guide to get you on the road to a stress-free night. 

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Life as an intern

Get some advice on achieving a work/life balance for new interns

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Whether you have always dreamt of working in a particular specialty, or have not yet decided, your intern year will introduce you to a host of career options.

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Working abroad

Working abroad is a popular option for junior doctors in Ireland.

The chance to explore new countries can expand both your clinical and personal horizons, but with it come new medicolegal challenges and practical problems.

Find out how MPS can help you navigate through these challenges.

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How Medical Protection can help

New doctors look to MPS when things go wrong, but this is only a small part of what’s on offer. Find out how members can look to MPS for so much more.

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