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New Doctor: Volume 4 issue 1


Welcome to the fourth edition of New Doctor, and my first as the new Editor-in-Chief.

Designed specifically for junior doctors in Ireland, this magazine aims to provide you with medicolegal advice and practical tips to help bridge the gap between life as a medical student and life as a junior doctor. Ensuring you have protection in case something goes wrong is vital, and in this article we compare MPS membership with state indemnity – demonstrating the benefits of having MPS membership.

We are aware that many new doctors are leaving to work overseas, and you will find an interesting piece on the National Intern Conference and Social (NICS) in June, where one of the main topics of discussion was issues affecting interns, NCHDs and the Irish healthcare system. If you are considering working abroad, we also tell you all you need to know about your MPS membership and making sure you’re protected: new countries mean new risks.

Your common queries to our advice line are featured here, where we look at a selection of medicolegal dilemmas that interns contact MPS for assistance with, and offer advice.

Dr Michael Daly offers an insight into life working in general surgery – with plenty of information on what you can expect; and we delve into the case files and take a look at a case where having a chaperone present protected the doctor from unfounded allegations.

I hope you enjoy this edition and you find it interesting and useful. If there’s something you’d like us to focus on in the next edition or you have any feedback, please send your ideas and comments to

Dr Gordon McDavid – Editor-in-chief
MPS Medicolegal Adviser

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