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New Doctor: Volume 3 Issue 1


Welcome to the third edition of New Doctor, a publication specifically for junior doctors in Ireland.

The contrast between life as a medical student and life as a junior doctor, where you suddenly find yourself responsible for patients, can sometimes be a little overwhelming. It is important to recognise that sometimes, the stresses and strains of internship can lead to burnout. Acknowledging that things might not always be easy is one of the hardest but most important steps.

In this issue, we have a special focus on burnout: how to recognise it; how to mitigate it; and how to deal with it, if you – or a colleague – begin to feel under pressure. One of MPS’s core roles is to provide medicolegal advice to doctors when they need it most. Our dedicated 24-hour telephone advice line is there to support you whenever you have a medicolegal query in your everyday practice. We do, however, provide a variety of other services, including specialist legal advice and representation, and help with writing reports, handling complaints, and dealing with the media. Find out what more your MPS indemnity can offer.

Our regular section, ‘From the case files’, shares some of the most common ethical and legal dilemmas that interns contact MPS for assistance with. I’m sure some of the scenarios might feel familiar. This issue also takes a look at the potential pitfalls of social media.

I hope you enjoy this edition and you find it both informative and useful. We’d be very interested to hear your comments and ideas.

Dr George Fernie – Editor-in-chief
MPS Senior Medicolegal Adviser

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