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New Doctor: volume 2 issue 1


Welcome to the second edition of New Doctor, a publication specifically for junior doctors in Ireland. As a newly-qualified doctor, you will have to get to grips with working in a variety of clinical environments, whether it be working in a new specialty, or working on call and finding yourself on an unfamiliar ward in the dead of night dealing with a postoperative patient. We take a look at some of these scenarios in this issue.

Some of you might look outside the hospital or general practice setting to widen your experience beyond your intern year, whether overseas, or in non-clinical environments. In this issue, we focus on assisting at sporting events, and the need to ensure you have the appropriate experience and indemnity, in order to practise medicine safely.

One of MPS’s core roles is to provide medicolegal advice to doctors when they need it most. In Medicolegal Dilemmas, Medicolegal Consultant for Ireland, Dr Alex Reid, shares some of the most common ethical and legal dilemmas that interns contact MPS for assistance with. I’m sure some of the scenarios might feel familiar.

I hope you enjoy this edition and you find it both informative and useful. We’d be very interested to hear your comments and ideas.

Dr George Fernie – Editor-in-chief
MPS Senior Medicolegal Adviser

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