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Apply for elective protection

Medical Protection offers members access to free elective protection in the majority of locations, including the USA and Canada. Remember, even if you plan to stay in Ireland for your elective, you will still need to apply for elective protection.
To qualify for free elective protection:
  • Your elective must be authorised by the Dean of your university
  • Your elective work must be supervised by a qualified medical practitioner and must not exceed the level of your own qualifications or competence
  • You must be a student member of Medical Protection in one of the following countries: United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, Hong Kong, The Caribbean, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia
The Australian Government require all healthcare practitioners, including students, to be covered by a regulated insurer. Although Medical Protection is not a regulated insurer, we have made arrangements to cover our members' electives whilst in Australia.
If you are planning to travel to Australia for your elective, please call us on 1800 932 916 to ensure you have suitable protection in place. 

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