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Claims-made protection

A new choice in protection from MPS

MPS is now offering consultant members in Ireland a choice in protection against clinical negligence claims and complaints. If you are a consultant earning more than €3,000 from private practice, you can opt for our traditional occurrence-based protection or our new claims-made protection.

We have listened to members and are offering this new choice because the deteriorating claims environment is pushing up the cost of subscriptions for our traditional occurrence-based protection.

We continue to believe that occurrence-based protection offers comprehensive protection for your professional practice and provides you with security and peace of mind but we recognise the desire for choice in how you pay for your professional protection and other membership benefits.

In the first four years, subscriptions for MPS claims-made protection are normally lower than the MPS occurrence-based subscriptions for each of those years. The difference is likely to be greatest in the first year and smallest in the fourth year. After the fourth year, subscriptions are likely to be similar to those for occurrence-based protection. You will also need to pay additional fees to extend your protection if you take a career break or if you leave MPS, for example if you retire.

For information on the difference in cost please call membership on 1800 509 441.

Rest assured whichever choice you make you will continue to receive the high quality service, support and expertise for which MPS is renowned and both options offer access to discretionary indemnity in the event of a claim for clinical negligence. MPS protection can provide you with full protection against a claim. When we take on a member’s case we can take care of all the legal costs and compensation payments.

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