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Casebook Vol. 22 no. 2 - May 2014

Dr Nick Clements, MPS Head of Medical Services, has taken over as Casebook Editor-in-chief from Dr Stephanie Bown, who left MPS in February 2014. Here, Dr Clements looks towards the task ahead.

As this is my first column as the new Editor-in-chief of Casebook, I would like to say how much I am looking forward to life at the helm of a publication with a prestigious history of some 20-plus years.

Of course, I must also pay tribute to my predecessor Dr Stephanie Bown, who left MPS in February to become Director of the National Clinical Assessment Service (NCAS). Dr Bown has been involved with Casebook since the May 2006 issue, and oversaw numerous successful design upgrades and a renewed focus on producing truly topical content for all of our six regional editions.

Dr Bown worked at MPS for 19 years, beginning as a medicolegal adviser and becoming head of the Medical Services department in London soon after; this after spending more than 12 years as a doctor in acute hospital medicine, then obstetrics and gynaecology before moving into general practice. Combining her editorial duties on Casebook and other MPS publications with high-profile external affairs work, Dr Bown also regularly appeared on radio – and once on morning TV – to protect and promote the interests of you, the MPS member.

So it is with slight trepidation but great relish that I step into Dr Bown’s shoes, and build on her success with Casebook. My role as Head of Medical Services will continue, and I will try to use this experience to develop thought-provoking content that will be stimulating, informative and directly relevant to today’s doctor, wherever in the world you practise.

The keen-eyed among you will have spotted my name in Casebook before, so I am not entirely new to the magazine – in addition to occasionally introducing each edition’s collection of case reports, I have been on the editorial board for a number of years, helping to maintain the accuracy and educational value of each issue.

One thing will not change – and that is we continue to encourage your feedback, opinions and suggestions after each edition. Perhaps I will speak to some of you personally on our advice line…

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Dr Nick Clements – Editor-in-chief
MPS Head of Medical Services

Disclaimer: Information in this issue was correct at the time of publishing (May 2014)