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Missing cauda equina

Sep 14, 2014, 09:42 AM
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  • By Dr Marimuthu velmurugan on 02 April 2015 04:48

     Avery good valid point every GP should know. I always ask bladder and bowel symptoms and any disorder encounterd by patient as new problems. I must make it  a point to record it legibly,

    a very good example.

    Kind regards,


  • By Dr.s.z.Haider on 02 April 2015 03:11 This is very good case for learning red flag symptoms in back pain symptoms as ingen practise ten percent patient consultation are with back pain and some timesit is dificult  in10 minutes consultation to assess such patients and it is wise to review the patient Asa special time slot at the end of surgery for detail neurological assessment specially whenpt presents with urinary or bowel symptoms
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