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Experts in their field
Helping you boost your protection

Our virtual workshops have been developed by experienced doctors and recognised experts in their field to enhance your essential communication skills.

These workshops can be accessed and attended by members at no extra cost,
as well as earning 2 hours of CME with many of our workshops.

No extra cost for members

What are virtual workshops?


Lectures and discussions

Earn up to 2 hours CME

These 2-hour workshops are focussed on a variety of topical subjects and issues.

Join online to participate

All virtual workshops are broadcast live so you can take part online from anywhere on a desktop or laptop. You will attend virtually with your peers in a personal setting.

The virtual breakout rooms and whiteboards help to keep members engaged with the immersive, interactive content.

Most popular virtual workshops

Navigating Adverse Outcomes

An in-depth look at communicating effectively with patients when adverse outcomes occur.

Reducing Medicolegal Risk

A grounding in risk management as well as practical preventative skills and techniques that reduce risk.

Beating Burnout

The consequences of burnout, recognising it and how to avoid it for improved wellbeing.

Consent and Shared Decision Making

Shared decision making is an important part of patient centred care. Identify a variety of ways, including the use of decision aids, to effectively communicate risk to patients.

How to access our virtual workshops

It’s straightforward to browse, find and book a virtual workshop that you’re interested in. All you need to do is either log in to our online learning hub or activate your account if you haven’t already.

Your frequently asked questions

  • I can't join until after the virtual workshop has started. Can I still have my CME points?
    10 November 2022

    If you believe that you’re going to be late, we’d recommend that you register on another date. The introduction to each session is important for the messages later. Most colleges require proof from us that you’ve attended the complete workshop and may take into consideration any discrepancies between attendance-register records and time claimed.

  • Can I just join a virtual workshop online on the day?
    25 August 2022

    All virtual workshop places are limited and it’s not possible for the workshop presenters to cater for members who do not book a place in advance.

  • I can't attend any of the virtual workshops. Can you send me the course materials instead or make them available online?
    25 August 2022

    The course materials are only an addition to the virtual workshop and not a replacement for it. They don’t contain the videos, exercises or speaker’s notes that are vital parts of learning. This means the course materials are only for those who attend and can’t be sent out or made available online.

  • Why am I unable to book a place on a virtual workshop?
    25 August 2022

    Our virtual workshops are extremely popular, and with limited spaces available they can book out within a very short time. Members are encouraged to log in to our online learning hub regularly to see what professional development courses are available.

  • If I cancel my attendance at a virtual workshop, will I be penalised?
    25 August 2022

    If you give us notice or if an emergency arises (either private or patient) we won’t charge you. However, we do reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee to attendees who don’t contact us about their inability to attend (before or after the event), particularly if this happens on more than one occasion.

  • Do I get a reduced subscription rate if I participate in virtual workshops?
    25 August 2022

    Not at present. Our range of doctor-led professional development training (included in your membership) is designed to reduce your risk, better protect your career and improve patient outcomes.